Innovator:That Figures


The project

Transforming Healthcare Resource Management

That Figures’ proprietary tech platform tracks and measures what really happens, the real interactions between patients and healthcare workers in healthcare departments. This provides objective, actionable data insights to improve the effective deployment and management of each healthcare department’s resources. Our algorithms rapidly identify solutions to speed up patient pathways, improve healthcare staff’s effectiveness and create a better healthcare experience.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

The SW AHSN have been incredibly supportive over the last year. Quarterly updates with the team have signposted potential relationships and partners that can support our growth and current business requirements.

We have been introduced to the Impact Lab and just completed a successful project. We have an ongoing relationship and this introduction has led us to setting up a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Exeter University with a two-year funded programme now in place.


We are currently working with local partners in the dermatology department at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and with the emergency department at the Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust. This leads to a better experience for everyone, including:

  • Patients are seen more quickly
  • Reduced waiting time by 65%
  • Improved patient experience
  • Supports NHS Workforce Health and Wellbeing Framework
  • Staff are more motivated
  • Increasing time spent with patients
  • Reduced stress and improved wellbeing with increased productivity
  • Meeting government targets
  • Reduced waiting lists

We have increased throughput across the service, which enhanced our productivity. The results from the programme with That Figures deserve our support and recommendation to others who would like to use them.

Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust